COSMIQ One Component Resin F

A self-leveling two-step gel resin containing both building and sealing properties. An excellent choice for full sets and fills, for medium sculpting and normal to longer extensions. Cosmiq OCR is enriched with moonstone dust for increased stability and strength. Recommended for a soft and flexible to medium, average nail plate. Compatible with all LCN UV gel resins.

APPLICATION: See application suggestions for One Component Resin regular.

EFFECT: Self-leveling, building and sealing properties, very elastic with added strength.

CHARACTERISTICS: Good flow rate, firm consistency, contains added moonstone dust.

Now available in two new colour options:

Pink -Creates a beautiful, brighter, natural looking nail bed. Excellent with a white French tip application.

Pastel -Milky in appearance, this Building Gel will camouflage any imperfections of the nail bed such as deep grooves and ridging. Perfect for a natural nail look.

Developed by experts, used and recommended by professionals