Recolution Advance 10-Extra White

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Product information "Recolution Advanced Soak-off Color Polish"

Recolution Advanced is the No. 1 soak-off system in Europe's studios!

The 100% solvent-free soak-off color system strengthens the natural nail. The high flexibility of the system and the extremely good adhesion properties to the nail plate minimize possible lifting and chipping. In addition to simple and easy processing, this sales guarantee in your studio offers intensive and lasting opacity.

The new Recolution texture is even easier to apply than a nail polish. Smooth paintwork, even better durability and faster detachment are the results of the intensive revision.


  1. Matt the nail plate (LCN Banana Buffer) and degrease (LCN Cleaner)
  2. Apply a thin layer of RECOLUTION Bond (or RECOLUTION 2in1 bond & seal) to the nail and harden (60 seconds in the LED or 2 minutes in the tube device)
  3. Apply and harden a thin layer of a RECOLUTION ADVANCED color of your choice. Important: enclose nail edge and nail edge.
  4. Repeat step 3
  5. Seal the nail with the RECOLUTION Sealer (or RECOLUTION 2in1 bond & seal) and harden. Important: enclose the nail edge and the nail edge.
  6. Use a cellulose pad and the Super Shine Finish Cleaner from LCN to polish the nail surface vigorously until you hear a "squeak".

Developed by experts, used and recommended by professionals