Non self-leveling building gel with excellent sculpting properties for full sets and fills, perfect for longer extensions and extreme shapes. Recommended for all nail types. Compatible with all LCN UV gels.

APPLICATION: Apply an LCN bonding agent (Bonder Intense, Bio Bond or Base Bond) to the natural nail plate in a very thin layer, working into the nail plate, cure. Apply Sculpture building gel over forms or tips, to center of nail plate, keeping perimeter thin, build c-curve and arch. Cure. After filing and buffing nail into shape apply sealant of choice. Cure. Clean final dispersion film with Super Shine Finish Cleaner.

EFFECT: Extremely high break resistance, firm consistency.

CHARACTERISTICS: Building properties only, requires a bonding agent and a sealant. Non self-leveling, will not run into the sidewalls.

Developed by experts, used and recommended by professionals